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About us

One of the last Mom and Pop's original​ Crab House in Miami,  Now Located at Doral for


The Original Crab House was founded over 30 years ago. In the past, it was also known as "The Famous Crab House." Originally, Ms. Diane F. opened the restaurant in 1986 at Sunset Drive and Galloway Road in Miami. She created a new trend and culture with some mouthwatering recipes using blue crabs, Old Bay steamed or garlic dressed, and a whole variety of seafood delicacies that makes our families happy.  After some life changes, The Crab House moved to a smaller space, and some friends and customers call us “a little hole in the wall”—nothing fancy but with lots of flavors and quality seafood for our customers. Things and times have changed..  we have changed and survived in the middle of a worldwide crisis, but we hope everyone has been able to keep fighting too.  We are always here to offer our best smile and our dishes from the heart. From generation to generation, our garlic crabs have become an iconic product that we are well known for. Come in and try our wide variety of crab and seafood choices, as well as some land products to combine with.

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Our Vision & Mission


Quality food

To provide food that exceeds our customers' expectations.


Quality of ingredients

To offer fresh and best quality ingredients to prepare the best food dishes.


Quality service

We constantly strive to provide the best experience and service to our customers.

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